The 10 Things We’ll Miss About China

As we get ready to turn in our computer at school,  and will not be able to easily blog for 3 weeks; we look back at what we’ll miss most about China…here’s our Top Ten List of Things We’ll Miss About China:

Shangri-La women out for a morning stroll

1. The Chinese people-after almost 3 years here, the one thing we have learned, the Chinese people are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  They love foreigners, if you love them back.  They’ll help you if you need help.  They smile. They laugh. They will do their best to understand your poor Chinese, or wild and crazy hand-gestures.  They are sweet people.  The young, the old, the in-betweens…they are wonderful!  One note:  the Chinese government, you see on CNN, is not the Chinese people! There are many different groups of people in China.  Although most are Han, there are so many other groups like the Uyghurs, the Hakka, the Miao,…a minority may have 20 million people!

Xinjiang “camel-wrangler”

2. The Chinese respect for older people-they do respect their elders here.  If you are on a bus and an older person gets on, the younger people give up their seats.  They’ve even done this for us (are we old???)!  Older people are everywhere…not confined to the Old Folks’ Home.

Older Chinese sitting in the sun, taking a “snooze”

3. How the Chinese love their children-the One-Child-Policy assures this, but it is quite a thing to witness…these children are revered by their parents, of course, and their grand-parents (often both sets) who do “day-care” while the parents work.  It’s a system that has been in place for a generation now!

One “One-Child”

Another “One-Child” (with Gram and Mom?)

4. The fresh cheap vegetables and eggs here-we don’t ask where they come from, or what they are treated with…we just buy them for little money and enjoy all year round…we have not been sick from them!

“Green” gold!

“Eggs” -ceptional!

5. The Chinese lights and fireworks-everything here is festooned with lights in bright colors, buildings, bridges, highways…fireworks are so common, we hardly look at them, as you would at home…they light fireworks to move into a new home…to move out of an old home…to celebrate a wedding, birth, death…the whole spectrum!

Harbin Lit Ice-Sculpture

6. How the Chinese embrace/love American culture-most Chinese love Mickey Mouse, the movies, Sponge-Bob, …they are proud if they can speak English…they come up to us and say “Hello,” and they laugh when we say, “Ni hao!” back.  They watch American tv shows and listen to American music.  Many learn English this way!  They love McDonalds and KFC too…(hope they don’t get fat like Americans!)

Gotta love those Mickey Crocs!

7. The Chinese snack foods…these are not to be confused with “junk-food…they are things like corn on the cob, melon-on-a stick, pineapple-on-a-stick, tofu-on-a-stick, cucumbers, roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes from a roadside roaster, sticky rice in a lotus-leaf triangle, green-pea and green-tea ice cream, pomegranates…Buddha cookies, moon cakes….YUM!

pomegranate tree

8. DUMPLINGS!  There are all kinds of dumplings here…meat, vegetable, shrimp.  They come in flour wrappings, rice wrappings…they are small and large. The Chinese love them, and we do too!

Shrimp dumplings and green Buddha cookies

9. The crowds-there is something amazing about crowds here…you can be in the middle of one and not feel you are about to be crushed…it’s more like being in the sea…you are moved about by the current, the flow…there is something “ordered” about it…it isn’t scary, after the first few times…it makes you feel like you are part of humanity…

A crowd waiting in line for dumplings (Tom too!)

10. The Chinese love of simplicity of life-like wearing something silly like bunny-ears, or their pajamas out in public…or sleeping whenever they get the chance…  They would rather be comfortable, than look perfect…they have a sense of humor about themselves…something we can all learn from.  There are many things we will miss when we leave China…these are just some!

Some young Chinese bunnies

Fashion or comfort? Obviously comfort!

It pays to nap when and wherever you can!


6 thoughts on “The 10 Things We’ll Miss About China

  1. And we’ve enjoyed an introduction to the culture we’re about to dive into — although on this mellow rainy day on the coast, I am wondering why I’d ever want to leave Maine! Yin and yang, perhaps.

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