China Lights

Barbara, outside ancient Jing’an Buddhist Temple, downtown Shanghai…surrounded by shopping centers!

In China’s modernization of its cities, they have made a conscious effort to deck things out in colored lights everywhere, at least in the cities, that is!  The buildings are lit, the highways are lit, the trees are lit,  the water is lit…everything imaginable!

“Blue” highway!

Shanghai “Bottle-Opener” (a.k.a. World Financial Center) Building at night.

The Bund, lit up at night.

“Ho-Jos” is alive and well in China!

The ubiquitous “Pearl Tower,” Shanghai’s Pudong district’s iconic image.

NOT VEGAS, just Shanghai’s East Nanjing Road, or “Walking Street.”

Pudong’s Aurora Building at night…during the day, it’s just a “boring” solid gold color…!

So, China loves lights…they’re happy…they look cool…they could be like fireworks(another popular thing here!).  They do use energy…and China is aware…but it keeps them lit, until 10 each night…then lights out!

Chinese sign…I think it says, “OPEN FOR BUSINESS.”

One more shot of “Sleepy” Pudong.


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