Cherry Blossom Time in Japan

We just spent a week in Japan visiting Tokyo, Nagasaki, Oji, Nara, and Osaka; where the the cherry trees were in full bloom…along with the plum trees, and the magnolias too.  Here are just some of our “cherry” photos of the blooms, the people loving springtime, and the Japanese scenery!

Tokyo Cherry Peepers with Barbara

Tokyo temple roof-line shrouded with cherry blossoms

You "white" up my life... (with some pink too...)

Japanese women in traditional dress having their picture taken under the cherry tree near the temple

Same Japanese women "all dolled up"-view from back

Almost ready to pop young blossoms in front of Tokyo temple

More Japanese women at the temple

Tom & temple roof-lines

A couple of Japanese men not to be outdone by the women...

On to Nagasaki and Glover Garden

Glover statue shaded by cherry blossoms

British-style house in Glover Garden surrounded by cherry blossoms

A splash of red from a different tree...not sure what kind?

A sweeper trying to keep ahead of those pesky cherry blossoms...

Some purple magnolia thrown in for variety

Trees budding out at Oji Buddhist Temple up in the hills

Cherry blossoms near the temple

Flowering kale

"full-on" blossoms

Temples and blossoms

Tom & blossoms of Nara

Nara tourists and beautiful blossoms

White magnolia opposite cherry blossoms

White cherry blossoms in Nara over Japanese letters

In Osaka, Japanese reveling in spring and cherry blossoms...put out the blue up the hibachi...break out the sushi, saki, beer, or wine!

Osaka Castle under cherry blossoms

Barbara, Tom, and Japanese ladies in traditional dress in front of Osaka Castle

The cherry blossoms of Japan were  just gorgeous…so if you missed them in Washington D.C., enjoy these…because that’s where the ones in DC came from.  This is the centennial of the gift of 3000 cherry trees from Tokyo to DC, back in 1912.    It’s easy to see why the people in both places love them!  Hope all your springs are just as pink, blooming, and beautiful!!!


16 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Time in Japan

  1. So many blooms! Gorgeous! And how nice that the Japanese people gifted the United States/Washington DC with over 3000 cherry trees 100 years ago. I’ve not yet made it to Washington when they are blooming and hope to do so one day soon. Japan would be even better to see. I’m glad I could visit digitally through your photos. The Osaka Castle also looks beautiful. Did you tour the interior?

    • We did tour the interior of the Osaka Castle…with many other Japanese! We felt fortunate to be a part of the 100 year anniversary of the cherry tree gift…totally by chance! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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