Bamboo underwear?

Anji bamboo forest

We just returned Friday from Anji, Zhejiang province, China, home of some of the best-known bamboo forests in China.  We were there with our 8th grade, doing outdoor activities, otherwise known as “Camp.”  The kids had a great time hiking in the bamboo forest, rafting, and, in the town of Anji, doing some shopping for bamboo products.

Bamboo is an amazing plant.  We saw it being harvested, loaded on trucks, and hauled to the bamboo mills in Anji, where it was processed into all sorts of products.  The bamboo industry almost resembles the lumber industry in Maine, although cutting it does not require chain saws, hauling it out does not require skidders, and getting it to the mills doesn’t need such big trucks; but there still are many similarities.  It is processed using kilns to dry it for various uses.  It is made into many of the same things wood is made into.

Load of bamboo

One thing we saw all over the place were almost sheaf-like gatherings of bamboo standing and drying in the sun.  They resembled the old wheat sheaves, that you would see in harvesting wheat 100 years ago.

Bamboo sheaves drying in the sun

We asked what these were going to be used for, and we were told, “Chop sticks!”  These would be turned into the little chop sticks you get in bags when you eat in Chinese restaurants here, or around the world.  These sheaves would become millions and millions of new chop sticks.  This is just one use of bamboo we learned about.

bag of dried bamboo for cooking uses

We knew that bamboo could be eaten for food.  We knew that it is used in the building industry for flooring.

Bamboo flooring

We knew that they make bamboo furniture.

Bamboo stool

There are bamboo cutting boards,

and bamboo cooking spoons. One of the things that they make out of bamboo, that we were unaware of, is clothing.  A wonderful soft cloth is woven of bamboo fibers to make tee-shirts,scarves,and even underwear!

Man's briefs

Man's boxers

We bought some and found it amazingly soft and comfortable!

Women's bamboo panties

It also was reasonably priced.  Perhaps there are a pair of bamboo underwear in your future!  Barbara already swears by them!

When we were in Bangladesh 10 years ago, the jute plant was called Bangladesh’s “Golden Fiber,” as it had so many uses and its color was gold.  Perhaps bamboo should be called China’s “Emerald Fiber,” as it is just as versatile!


4 thoughts on “Bamboo underwear?

  1. Those boxers are wicked shahp. And of course it is appropriate that bamboo is dried in sheaves since it is a giant grass, after all. We had some amazingly tasty, tender young bamboo shoots when we were in China last spring. Amazing plant indeed — you can eat it, wear it, sit on it, or feed it to a panda.


    Did you forget that bamboo slivers were also used for torture…. The bad guys would push them under your fingernails to make you talk… Perhaps the Chinese have hidden bamboo slivers in their underwear! I realize that the slivers would not end up under your fingernails, but perhaps you would wish they had:)

    John D

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