More “Where’s Waldo?” in China

Here’s some more “Where’s Waldo?” shots from Shanghai & Pudong.  All photos are by Barbara. REMINDER:  “Waldo” is not the traditional “Waldo” with red-stripes hat & shirt, and camera…amongst the Chinese, he is the 6’7″ white American guy with blond/white hair, wearing thick glasses…known as Tom Millay to most of you!  So, find the American guy!

Hint:  “Waldo” is wearing light blue t-shirt (with Chairman Mao on it!), and carrying a red bag.  Enlarging pictures helps.

NOT the Maine Mall...

This is a tough one..."Waldo" on part of the circle on Century Avenue in Pudong

Look carefully!

Same view...but "Waldo" is in a different spot!

Have fun!  Happy hunting!


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