“A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness”

The label says it all.  The Chinese have “A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness.”  You can see it in the cute China girls in their cuddly hats and outfits displayed on this lady’s purse, which Barbara bought…she couldn’t resist the cuteness!  They just love this stuff! It’s not just for little girls, but women too.  Whether it will be “Fatal,” or not, remains to be seen!  We have not heard about any fatalities related to cuteness!

Taking your Teddy Bears for a walk...how CUTE!

The Chinese are in love with “cute” things.  You see that they have Teddy Bear seat covers in their cars, Teddy Bears on their bags, Teddy Bears on their shirts, Teddy Bears on their towels…there are so many examples, it boggles the mind!

Teddy Bear Seat Cover

Teddy Bear Bus Seat covers

Teddy Bear bag asking, "Are you happy?"

Chinese people love to “cute” their ride, be it a car, bus, bicycle, or e-bike…no “pimping” here!

A couple of "dashboard doggies"

A Teddy Bear for your bike rack

Of course, all these things look great on kids, and the kids here are like kids everywhere; they love cute things too.

He likes his backpack!

Kids on way home from school...girl on right has a "Happy Goat" backpack (it actually looks like a sheep!)

Mickey Mouse is everywhere (tee-shirts, bags, backpacks, shoes, license plate frames…).  His product lines are endless here.

Girl wearing Mickey Crocs on bus

Of course, in the Chinese Zodiac, this is the “Year of the Rabbit.”  It should probably be called the “Year of the Bunny,” as all of the rabbits associated with it are cute bunnies.

Rabbit year red bunny

Photo-op with the New Year Bunnies!

Getting your "bunny" on!

Like Barbara’s cute handbag that spoke of the “fatal attraction to cuteness,” or the teddy bear bag, bags of all sorts are adorned with cute designs, some which make you smile, or even laugh!

Monkey on your back? No, it's a monkey on your bag!

All these cute things make life in China very light-hearted, not too serious…and that’s not a bad thing.  The women and girls love to wear sparkles and glitter…but that’s a whole other blog entry!  For now, it’s cute, cute, cute!  Hope you have some cuteness in your life…just not a “fatal” amount!  A few more cute pictures…

Ride the cute hound dog bus!

A couple cuddling under a "Kewpie Doll" umbrella

Cute figure in Shanghai Subway Station

Another Chinese day of cuteness ends, as the Teddy Bears sink slowly in the West...!


4 thoughts on ““A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness”

  1. Oh, how I miss all that cuteness! Well, it goes well with their current message to Chinese citizens to “just be happy” instead of stressed like the majority of them are (according to their own government polling).

  2. Well, I was surprised to read the latest from you. From sex museums to cuteness. What will we read from you next? So glad to hear your trip was uneventful and you are getting back into the routine. I’ll bet your memories of trip home this time are one big whirlwind! Take care and keep writing! Smootches and hugs to you both!

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