Silly Strange Sichuan Foods

There is a Chinese saying, “Shi zai Zhongguo, wei zai Sichuan,” (China is the place for food, but Sichuan is the place for flavor.) (Lonely Planet China Guide).  So Sichuan Province is known for its hot and spicy food.  It has noodles that will numb your tongue, and “hot-pot”-that is spicy hot and hot temperature hot!

Places like Chengdu have fantastic street food, some of it very unusual.  This is a brief collection of pictures of interestingly different, sometimes silly, Sichuan foods.  We did not try any of them…maybe another time…?!!

Roasted rabbit heads (notice little bunny teeth!)

Various beetles, silkworms, bugs on skewers...ready to be barbecued!

Skinny fish on a stick...not sure what the top tray is?

Menu Sign: What makes this "sad" or "jelly" is unclear

Another menu sign: Pee beef ball?

Intestines powder?

Barbara read this at first as "Three artery..."...a real heart-stopper!

An intrepid young Chinese man!


One thought on “Silly Strange Sichuan Foods

  1. wonderful. Do let me know how I can introduce Eastport to China, as Floating over India did it photographically. Fondly, Heidi

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