More “Chinglish”

Here are some more fine examples of “Chinglish,” or Chinese turned to English, with funny results!  We just received these at work today.

WARNING: Some contain explicit language!  Images are all from either or

"Crap On! Crap Off! The Crapper!"



This hospital is so succinct

Definition of a man

Bring your female dog or complaints!

Soon to be the movie "Freezer Gone Wild!"

You didn't know they were a fruit or vegetable?

Better than the "Pope's nose"!

I keep one of these right next to my "rocket launcher."

Need a mani-pedi?

"poople...poople who need poople..."

Okay! So don't throw your gum out, don't spit, then...???

Make sure you read the last line about being portable...

Somehow, that guy does not convince me he is PMS-ing,

Either they left out the "u" or the the "m"???

Wang is the cook...


Now you know the secret (missing) ingredients of cole slaw.

Not recommended for German Shepherds.

Sign at Teachers Break Room

Nice they put the "X"in the right place!

This is right next to the "hemale" room.

I'll have the "cow something," please.

Hope you enjoyed!

4 thoughts on “More “Chinglish”

  1. Oh, Thanks so much for the laughs! I needed them this am. Your travel commentaries are wonderful. Keep them coming. Love to you both, Mel

  2. This is absolutely hysterical. I woke everyone up with my laughing. I think my favorite is the guy with the cramps t-shirt. It makes me wonder what my “Chinese print” silk shirt actually says.

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