Where’s Waldo in China?

From our time here in China, here is the collection of “Where’s Waldo in China?”

You probably remember the “Where’s Waldo?” books, where you look for the tall curly-dark-haired fellow with black glasses and camera, right?   The idea was to scan the masses of people on the pages and find Waldo (along with some other characters).  Here in China we have the masses of people, so we thought, what better place to find Waldo!  But here in China, almost everyone has black hair…so your job is to locate the tall 6’7″ curly-blond/white-haired American guy with glasses.  Think you are up to it?  Well, have fun!

Where’s Waldo in Old Shanghai?

Where’s Waldo in Suzhou?

Where’s Waldo in Hangzhou?

Where’s Waldo in Nanjing?

Where’s Waldo  at Sun Yat Sen’s Mausoleum?

Where’s Waldo at East Nanjing Road, Shanghai?

Where’s Waldo in the Suzhou Bus Station?

Where’s Waldo at the Temple of the Jade Buddha in Shanghai?

That is the collection so far!  We will post more as the opportunity arises.  Hope your Waldo Hunt was successful!



9 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo in China?

  1. You must be the Waldos of greater China—Nice to know you—I hope to meet up with you in the not too distant future—or maybe the far off past—Soon JIM

  2. I love your photos! I think you made it easy with Tom. How about where’s Barbara? Happy travels! Stay safe and healthy! Love, Mel

    • Thanks for the comment! We have lots of fun setting up these pictures. Hmm, “Where’s Barbara?” That would be a hard one, as she has black hair and is the same height as most Chinese…maybe we’ll try it!

  3. That is fun! We’re playing “Where’s my house?” in Maine. Snow just keeps piling up! Another snow day today. I think it’s number 4.

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