Chinese Fast Food Breakfast for Two = 63 Cents!

When we go to Shanghai, we like to eat breakfast like the local people do.  So we go to a stand near our hotel and eat what the Chinese eat.

The breakfast stand

We order some Chinese steamed buns.  We like the vegetarian ones that are filled with spinach and mushroom, called “cai bao,” in Chinese.  They cost 1 RMB, or 14 cents, each…so two are twenty-eight cents.

Barbara placing a breakfast order with the "steamer men"

These buns also come filled with pork (“rou bao”),  or some that are filled with sweet egg-yolk and a cream/milk mixture (“nai huang bao”).

"cai bao"

These “cai bao”are easy for take-out.  They just scoop them up in a plastic bag.  We saw a man on a scooter pull up to the stand, buy one, take off, and eat the bun while he was at the stoplight, waiting for the light to change!

Tom showing inside a "cai bao"

"cai bao" humor

Barbara & "cai bao"

Barbara drinking breakfast soy-milk

We also order a bag of soy-milk, which costs 1.5 RMB, or 21 cents.

Lastly, we order two “Cha Ye Dan”, “tea-leaf” eggs.  These cost 1/2 an RMB each, or 1 RMB for two, another 14 cents.

Serving up some "tea-leaf" eggs

Originally they added tea to the water, but now they hard-boil the eggs, crack the eggs and put them in soy-water which colors them brown and adds salt to the flavor…quite tasty!

Peeling "tea-leaf" egg

Eating "tea-leaf" egg...YUM!

After we have paid our 4.5 RMB, or 63 cents, for our breakfast, we sit in the park nearby, with the Jing-an Temple, a Buddhist temple, in the background, and enjoy our breakfast.  Delicious!

Eating breakfast in the park


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