State-run Hotel Instructions

Earlier in our school year, we stayed in the Bell Tower Hotel in Xi’an, China.  Xi’an is a small city…just 4 million people!  The hotel is owned and run by the Chinese government, which makes for a bit different experience.
Here are some of our room instructions/prohibitions:

Xi'an Bell Tower as seen from the Bell Tower Hotel

“Dear guests.
(these are just the highlights!)
Drying your clothes on the lampshade, air conditioner, tv sets are strictly prohibited.

Storing any one of the flammable, explosive, poisonous or radioactive substances in the hotel room is strictly prohibited.
All illegal acts  and criminal activities such as gambling, prostitution, whoring, and drug taking are strictly prohibited in the hotel room.”
We were wondering what the difference is between “prostitution” and “whoring”?
Sounds like like they do not want people to have any fun here!

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