Happy 60th Birthday, New China

(From October 2nd, 2009) China celebrated its 60th birthday yesterday, as we arrived in Beijing, starting our first vacation of the year.  We wonder what the news media of the US portrayed this as.  We watched the celebration on TV, as Tian’namen Square was closed to most of the public.  The government had “seeded” the clouds the night before so it would rain and the

Entrance to Forbidden City

skies would be clear for the celebration on Thursday (it was, but also clear for Friday, Saturday…so far beautiful weather for us!).

China celebrated its 60th birthday with a huge parade, and fireworks (twice as many as the Olympics opening ceremony) which we heard last night.   The parade had 8,000 troops, tanks, missiles, and a military flyover.  It also had 100,000 civilians in performing groups, 80,000 school children holding color flags to change the backdrop as things went by. People were waving flags and wearing flag stickers on  their faces.  We heard from our Chinese friend Sarah that she is very proud of her country.  We hope the US saw more than the “goose-stepping” soldiers, men and women!
On Friday we walked to Tian’namen Square with thousands of Chinese waving flags and wearing flag stickers on their faces…the pride was obvious there too… these people are happy with their country.  They are part of a country that is able to feed its population. They are able to produce almost all of their needs. They are not unfriendly to us foreigners.  They want their picture taken with us!

Chinese Girl in Traditional Flower Hat

They have national health care!  The people and their country here are moving forward. Their economy is going up at an 8% increase per year.  The people have money in their pockets, and are consuming.

Is this all about Communism?  We do not think so.  A lot of China’s success is based on a capitalist formula.  China has seen its number of millionaires go to 55 created daily (surpassing the UK to rank fourth in worldwide millionaire population) to 364,000  in all.  Its richest person billionaire Wang Chuanfu, of BYD, manufacturer of batteries and now electric cars, has his future in “green” technology.  Warren Buffett just invested in 225 million shares in this company.  China’s second richest person, Zhang Yin, has made her fortune in recycling cardboard!
Are Barbara and Tom becoming Communists?  No, but we have to give the Chinese credit, and wish them a happy 60th birthday!  They are moving forward while the rest of the world is slipping back or standing still.  They are a happy and friendly people.

Chinese college girls at Forbidden City

This picture was taken in the Forbidden City.  The two girls, by the moat, were Chinese college girls that came up and started talking with us. They were very good English speakers.

China is moving forward, whether the world likes it or not!


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