Glamor Shots Extreme

We took a walk down Ping Jiang Liu in Suzhou last Sunday.  Ping Jiang is an old lane along one of the canals in the city.  It is closed to cars so pedestrians can walk in relative safety, although it is not closed to e-bikes, and scooters.  The lane is made up of old stones and woven stones that the Chinese decorate everywhere with.  There are houses with pointed tile roofs, old shops, tea houses, restaurants, along with people’s small houses on the many lanes that feed off Ping Jiang.  It is popular with tourists, both Chinese and foreigners.  It is not overwhelmingly crowded, and it is not loaded with shops and “hawkers” trying to lure you into their shops.  The canal is crossed with small stone bridges you can walk across, and the canal is plied by old-fashioned Chinese boats that give tourist rides and the boatman or boatwoman will sing songs for the passengers, a bit “schmaltzy,” but cute.  It is a great place to walk, have tea, stop and read.  There are usually artists there painting the canal scene.
We saw what we thought was a model dressed in a beautiful Chinese silk gown having her pictures taken by a photographer

Chinese model?

and other assistants holding foil reflectors on the model.  The model would pose and they would snap shots  We saw another couple dressed up being “shot” in a similar way.

They were posing with their arms on each other, looking up, pointing, etc.  There was yet another group being photographed-a family:  husband, wife, daughter.  They looked to be the typical tourists on vacation…but being followed by by cameraman, assistants with reflectors…setting up the shots.  The little girl was skipping along a white-washed wall while her parents followed along.  We figured this was a professional group shooting for a magazine or publication.

Model couple

On Wednesdays we have a Chinese friend, Sarah (English name), Ting Chu, (Chinese name) who comes over to practice her English and teach us some Chinese in return.  We told her about going to Ping Jiang and seeing the models being photographed, and wondered if it was for a tv show or something.  She said,”Those were just regular people being photographed by professionals.  It’s very cheap.”  So, it’s like Glamor Shots.   They dress you up, and take you in scenic areas, so you can look like either a very traditional Chinese woman, a romantic couple, or a family on a beautiful vacation!  You’ll have great pictures to show everyone!  The Chinese know how to take an idea and really “run with it!”


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